Muzaffer Malkoc
Muzaffer MalkoÇ
Can art be justified if it breaks someone's heart? My unwavering stance is a resounding no. Art neither assaults nor defends. It becomes morbid when it impedes life or hinders our understanding of it. Consequently, I don't conform to the archetype of the artist who sacrifices all for the sake of art. Art is not born out of forfeiting life; it emerges when summoned, providing as much as it demands, and thus, permeating every aspect of existence. Categories like painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, dance, and cinema hold academic significance, but an artist may create works in any combination or all of these domains simultaneously.
I frequently perceive art as an instrument of restoration, mending the damage inflicted by the narrative of "our commonalities unite us" upon our civilization. Each individual is singular and irreplaceable. It is not our similarities that bind us together, but rather, it is our distinctive originality. This is where art begins. It neither inflicts pain nor annihilates; instead, it bestows life.
This belief is at the core of my artistic philosophy, shaping the way I live and create.
- "Yolu Trabzon'dan geçen ressamlar / Artists passing through Trabzon III", Beşiktaş Modern, Istanbul, 2022
- "Böyle daha güzelsin/ You are more beautiful", Group exhibition, Darphane-i Amire, Topkapi Palace,, 2020
- "Yolu Trabzon'dan geçen ressamlar / Artists passing through Trabzon II", Beşiktaş Modern, Istanbul, 2019
- "Renkler / Colors", TIAB Gallery, Istanbul, 2018
- "İstanbul Gençlik Festivali / Istanbul Youth Festival", Group exhibition, Eurasia Cultural Center, Istanbul,  2017
- "Makro Fotoğraf / Macro Photography", Fototrek Sergi Salonu, İstanbul, 2005
- Bakırköy Group Exhibition, Galleria Exhibition Hall, Istanbul, 2001
- "Genç yetenekler / Young talents", İstanbul Devlet Güzel Sanatlar Galerisi, Fine Art Gallery of State, Istanbul, 1996

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