1993, charcoal on paper,
In 1992, I encountered Alev Alatlı's "Viva La Muerte," a compelling literary work that resonated deeply with me. Alatlı's exploration of alienation and necrophilia elucidated many concerns I had been grappling with but could not articulate. Consequently, I began translating my impressions of the book into visual form, creating a series of illustrations that reflected its themes.
My collaboration with Alatlı evolved into plans for an exhibition to showcase these artworks. However, the turbulent political and economic climate in Turkey at the time compelled me to shift my focus, and the exhibition was regrettably relegated to the background.
Years later, upon revisiting these creations, I find myself longing for the opportunity to have shared these pieces with the public. I produced 12 illustrations based on "Viva La Muerte," and I have chosen to present four of them here. Each piece, measuring 35x50cm and utilizing mixed techniques on paper, delves into the themes of alienation and necrophilia that permeate Alatlı's novel. As I reflect on this lost opportunity, I hope that sharing these works now might bring to light the powerful messages contained within the pages of "Viva La Muerte."
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