2009, Adobe Flash
"Kırık (eng. Broken)" holds the distinction of potentially being Turkey's first interactive music video. Although several interactive videos were released around the same time, opinions on this matter may vary. However, one thing everyone unanimously agrees upon is the immense popularity of the interactive video for the song "Kırık."
When Nil Karaibrahimgil expressed her desire to create something unique for this heartbreak-themed song, we took the script as our starting point. The offline music video served as the website's background, with the addition of musical notes. We also included a form for users to share their personal heartbreak stories. As users submitted their experiences, these stories appeared as notes on the musical stave, readable by other visitors. Within just one week, the site received a staggering three hundred thousand heartbreak submissions.
The story of the site extends beyond its online presence. Nil Karaibrahimgil had a special outfit designed for her live performances of the song, upon which selected heartbreak stories from the site were projected. This innovative approach bridged the gap between the online and offline worlds, ensuring the website's enduring impact on its audience.
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