While all are ostensibly equal, the reality is that inequality thrives. Some consume food simply to sustain life, while others indulge in gastronomic delights for enjoyment. Some run to evade imminent threats, while others jog to achieve their desired physique. The "Wild Wild West" collection, a thought-provoking trio of digital paintings, delves deeper into the colorful falsehoods that are dangled before us, diverting our attention from a world steeped in adversity and pain.
This collection explores anachronism and human genetic transformation, challenging the viewer to confront the discrepancies between the past and present, as well as the potential future of humanity. Through these captivating pieces, the artist prompts us to scrutinize the ways in which time, progress, and evolution shape our lives and the world around us. The "Wild Wild West" collection serves as a compelling reminder of the complexities and paradoxes that define our existence, urging us to confront the truths that lie beneath the vibrant distractions of our everyday lives.
Artist as a pregnant man
Portrait of an artist as a pregnant man
If you are both male and pregnant, you have more serious problems than the question of who is the father.
Michael Jackson - Superstar
The whole world together we opened Michael Jackson's chest without anesthesia with a scalpel and smashed his heart and asked him to keep smiling. Then he changed his skin color and we buried our humanity in the ground.
Levitating over the fertile lands
Is it a coincidence that the countries with the most green per capita are the ones that pollute the world the most?
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