2016, Photo-manipulations, fine-art print on canvas, Istanbul
"Me and My Incidental Reincarnations" represents an intellectual and provocative photomanipulation series that scrutinizes the intrinsic biases present within historiography, particularly the narratives disseminated by dominant powers. As a forerunner to the "My Orientalism is Better Than Yours" NFT collection, this artistic endeavor critically examines the ways historical accounts are frequently contorted and adapted to privilege specific viewpoints.
Two central aspirations underpin the creation of this series:
Firstly, by effortlessly integrating a solitary photograph of my visage into an array of images from disparate countries and civilizations, I aspire to illuminate the ubiquitous nature of human expression. The harmonious fusion of my portrait with these historical figures underscores the shared patterns and experiences that transcend cultural and temporal limitations.
Secondly, as an artist, this series empowers me to reappropriate and redefine my own historical narrative. By inserting myself into the roles of emperors, kings, princes, generals, merchants, and clergymen, I challenge the concept of fixed historical accounts and embrace the fluidity of individual identity. Through these manipulations, I stake my claim to the multitude of histories, cultures, and time periods, constructing parallel versions of my existence that defy traditional understandings of self and history.
In essence, "Me and My Incidental Reincarnations" implores viewers to interrogate the tales they have been presented with and invites them to contemplate the mutable nature of identity, history, and our position within this complex tapestry.

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