published in 2013 by iGOA
Adobe Flash Site
The VOB website project posed a significant challenge for the team, as the Futures Exchange was not well-known in Turkey, and required a unique approach to increase brand awareness. The team spent considerable time understanding the complex mechanics of Futures and Options exchanges, and sought to convey this information through engaging and amusing stories. However, they recognized that storytelling alone would not be sufficient to meet the institution's objectives, and therefore incorporated captivating graphics featuring human hands and animal figures created from fingers and hands.
The site's design proved highly effective, receiving accolades and awards from various web and advertising competitions in Turkey and abroad, including recognition from the FWA and .net magazine. The site also competed in the Webby Awards alongside Coca-Cola. Despite being in Turkish, it was widely appreciated, with bank employees and university students alike thanking the team for helping them understand the mechanics of VOB. Ultimately, the project was successful in raising awareness and conveying the value of VOB to its target audience.
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