2013, Adobe Flash Website
Papinee, a luxury brand for children's products, sought to launch its line of toys and ecosystem products designed by 16 international designers. In collaboration with iGOA, a design agency with a global reputation, the launch website aimed to embody the essence of a nursery. We aimed to create a website that was both immersive and engaging for children and parents alike. Our design was centered around an interactive navigation system, where toys were tucked away in drawers, and the walls were adorned with drawings that symbolized the 16 countries represented by the designers. Each product was associated with a specific country, and by clicking on the corresponding door, users could virtually travel to that country.
Our virtual tour of each country included the opportunity to see famous monuments, read picture books written especially for that country, and play educational games to learn the language. This concept was carefully crafted to cater to the brand's goal of providing a unique and engaging experience for children and parents alike. The website was well received both locally and internationally, receiving numerous accolades, including the grand prize in the website category of Turkey's prestigious Kristal Elma advertising award and the coveted public choice feature on TheFWA website.
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