in the early 2000s the United States and its coalition partners initiated a war in Iraq. President Bush claimed that the objective was to establish peace for the Iraqi people and protect the world from looming threats. The conflict resulted in the deaths of millions of Iraqis, while countless others were forced to flee their homeland in search of refuge. Has our world become safer? Has peace taken root in the Middle East?
As an artist, I was overcome with a sense of powerlessness during those tumultuous times. In response, I created a webpage in 2003 to protest the war, crafting four animations centered around the phrase "I didn't do anything." These works illustrated the brutal transformation of ordinary people, compelled into cruelty and simultaneously subjected to oppression.
The site gained significant traction in 2003, earning accolades and featuring on numerous lists both in Turkey and internationally. This NFT collection assembles its components (of the original four animations, I retained one for myself).
Regrettably, the situation in Iraq and the broader Middle East has only deteriorated since then, with people continuing to lose their lives and the region becoming increasingly unstable.
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