The digital painting series, dedicated to Emily Dickinson and Marilyn Monroe, explores the multidimensional aspects of womanhood and the powerful influence of women in constructing and challenging the world we live in. Drawing inspiration from these two iconic figures, the artist investigates the various roles women have played in shaping our physical and cultural landscape, while questioning their participation or disregard in the creation of today's world.
Emily Dickinson, a poet transcending her era, crafted poignant verses that still resonate with modern readers. Her introspective and enigmatic poetry delves into themes such as nature, love, death, and the human condition. Marilyn Monroe, an enduring symbol of beauty and glamour, defied expectations and shattered stereotypes during a time defined by rigid gender roles. Through her charisma, vulnerability, and talent, Monroe captivated audiences, even as she grappled with personal adversity.
Incorporating structural elements reminiscent of building construction, the artist visualizes the notion of women as architects of the world, both in the literal and metaphorical sense. The series encourages viewers to consider the myriad ways in which women have contributed to the construction of our environment, while also prompting them to reflect on the contrasting aspects of womanhood embodied by Dickinson and Monroe.
The collection serves as an artistic exploration of women's impact across various domains, transcending time, culture, and circumstance. Through this creative lens, the artist pays tribute to the transformative power of women, acknowledging their inherent strength and complexity, and their ability to build, reshape, and redefine the world around us.
Faith is a fine invention 2010
In memory of Emily Dickinson 
“Faith is a fine invention 
When Gentlemen can see— 
But Microscopes are prudent In an Emergency.” 
300x300cm, fine-art print
Same same but different, 2010
450x300cm fine-art print​​​​​​​
On the table
Great Birgitte Bardot, one of a kind.
100x230cm, fine-art print
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